Crazy Poker

Hi and welcome to the site. My name’s Mark and this is my blog about playing poker. I first got into the game when I was in my teens, playing for pennies in the school canteen. Since those days I’ve progressed to bigger games both online and live, and have played in card rooms around the world – from Southampton to Sydney.

The name ‘Crazy Poker’ comes from my playing style as I learnt early on that even the tightest rock will eventually crack after losing to a couple of gut shot straight draws that you’ve hit on the river. And whilst these crazy ‘bad odd’ draws will cost you in the short term, if you can crack a few deep stacks the implied returns can be worth the effort.

It should be fairly obvious that this strategy primarily works in live cash games rather than tournaments or online. And, of course, the downside is that if you fail to hit your draws or crack any big stacks, you’ll end up heading home with your tail between your legs and no money in your pocked looking like a bit of an idiot…

In this blog I’ll be sharing some of my strategies with you, as well as various articles on statistics and odds. Yep, you read that right – despite my love for crazy long shots that even the loosest of geese wouldn’t make, I’m actually a stats nerd and have written a number of articles on the mathematics of gambling for both poker as well as general casino and betting.

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